Objection to the Iran-China agreement on the transfer of Kish Island and the Persian Gulf

According to the international laws and the constitution of our country, Iran, the 25-year contract of the regime of Islamic criminals with China

Dear compatriots

Once again, the criminal sect of the illegitimate Islamic Republic of Iran (23% of the votes in the last elections) tried to kidnap the 41-year-old homeland and our compatriots.

Illegal transfer of the Caspian Sea to establish a Russian military base and
Giving Persian Gulf resources to the Chinese
And now they are selling oil and gas for free (the national wealth of the Iranian people) from the Iranian-Iranian sea route to China, where the communist masters of the Red and Black reactionary clergy are contracting.
An illegal 25-year contract on the verge of being signed is impossible without the vote of the people of the country.

Iran’s Javed Guardian Organization has repeatedly protested to the United Nations Security Council, the European Union, the Chinese government, and Russia against the protests by the Iranian people and the opposition.

The wealth and possessions of the Iranian people are not the inheritance of your fathers, which they give to the lords of the Communists and the looters.

Germany / Frankfurt
Javid Iran Guardians Organization

Copy to, Embassy of China, United Nations, European Union

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