New Alliance, Today is your Vote !

New Alliance*

Today is your Vote!

Today we want to focus on one historical goal with all democratic countries and political parties in Europe:
* Liberation of Iran and the Iranian people who were taken hostage 41 years ago *

History and the future will be written today.

The * New Alliance* is a union between all Iranians, trans-ethnic, trans-partisan, trans-religious.

Today you must have a clear political line and, with this historic step in defining your place in front of the Iranian and European people, show that you do not seek the continuation and support of the mullahs’ terrorist government.

There are only 2 ways:

first way:
Side of the Islamic Republic Assassination, execution, embezzlement, darkness, destruction, corruption and frustration, the genocide of Iranians, war, and nuclear weapons in their hands.

Europe is to blame for this (Germany, France, England, …..), and these countries have betrayed the Iranian people and are working directly with the terrorist, fascist regime of mullahs on the table or under the table.

Second way:
Iran’s side, democracy, freedom, light, life, hope, human rights for Iran, and the Iranians.

Our strong point as the opposition of the terror regime to the European Union is the accession to the New Alliance with the Iranian people.

Today we do not ask, but we expect Europe, especially Germany and the political parties in Germany, to quickly determine their place and stand by the Iranian people in order to save Iran.

Organization of Guardians of Eternal Iran

President Aydin Khoshbonyani